About us

Experience traditional Danish Smørrebrød in truly historic surroundings.

The restaurant

Café & Øl-Halle is located in the only listed basement tavern in entire Copenhagen. As you step inside, it will be like stepping into Denmark in 1892, as every little detail is almost the same. You will be met by the sound of old Danish songs, servings on traditional Danish porcelain, classic Smørrebrød, waiters with leather aprons, old-fashioned tablecloths and an atmosphere that calls for tradition and for the good old days.

Organic and sustainable produce

Café & Øl-Halle takes pride in serving traditional Danish Smørrebrød, almost as it was served way back in 1892. The essence of our kitchen lies in organic and sustainable products. This means that we only serve meat from free-range animals, vegetables free from pesticides and fish from sustainable fishing.

Combine your visit at Café & Øl-Halle with a trip to one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful museums. The Workes Museum

Just upstairs from our restaurant, you will find the famous Workers Museum, that tells the story of workers’ rights in Denmark. Learn about the first working class Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning, child labour and the interesting and inspirational path towards workers’ rights in Denmark.