Variety of Smørrebrød

Experience Craftsmanship, proud traditions and the very unique Café & Øl-halle atmosphere, that makes the historic basement tavern the ideal place to meet with family and friends.

Enjoy delicious and traditionel smørrebrød at Café & Øl-Halle!

At Café & Øl-Halle we take the Danish term ‘Hygge’ to a whole other level. In our historic surroundings you can enjoy traditional Danish beer, aquavit, schnapps and of course Smørrebrød..

We cook, boil, fry, serve foamy beer and home-brewed aquavit and schnapps. Our produce are, as in the olden days, locally and carefully selected, preferably free-range, gentle coastal fishing and organic. The pork roast is of course from organic pork and tastes like the good old days.

Welcome and enjoy!

Our popular Smørrebrødsbord is available Monday to Saturday!

A table packed with all kinds of goodies. With everything from old traditional smørrebrød, to the more modern and experimental ones… And of course always with a side of delicious Danish cheese. Saturdays at 2 o’clock we also include a variation of classic danish cakes and dessert.

From 11:00 -14:00

Grown-ups: 259 DKK. Children: 99 DKK.

From 14.00 -16:00

Grown-ups: 279 DKK. Children: 129 DKK.

How it works:
We will put together a wide selection of our favourite smørrebrød. In addition, we also add the delicious warm Danish dish ‘Tartelettes with free-range chicken’. We serve all our pieces of smørrebrød arranged on small Danish porcelain plates, with delicious, organic garnish. You can eat as many as you want, and the selection varies from week to week.